Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The thrill of discovery

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The thrill of discovery
( Updated March 21, 2012 

How sweet are Your words to my taste!— Psalm 119:103

When I was a small boy, I simply wasn’t interested in major league baseball. Then one day I went to the ballpark and saw a game for myself. That changed everything! I began reading about the various clubs and invested a boy’s fortune on books and magazines about the players and the game. I kept a file on each team’s roster and started a scrapbook on the New York Giants. I knew the lineup of every baseball team in the National League, and every week I could quote the batting average of each player. I had been captured by the thrill of great discovery.

A similar thing happens when we commit ourselves to God and hear Him speak to us through the Bible. His voice is so compelling that we want to hear it more than any other voice that speaks to our soul. As we start to discover the treasures of the Bible, we want to find out all we can about the blessings God has given us in His Son Jesus Christ. Even though some passages remains difficult to understand, because of our new motivation they become delightful challenges instead of obstacles.

There’s nothing like opening your heart to Jesus, the living Word, to make the Bible, the written Word, come alive. It will change your life. — Haddon Robinron

How rich the truths within
     God’s Word —
What gems beyond compare!
By faith we can discover them
When study joins with prayer.  — D. De Haan

READ: Psalm 119:97-104
When you open your heart to the
Savior, He opens your mind to the Word.

The Bible in one year:
• 1 Samuel 25-28