Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taylor Kitsch on the John Carter Workout

Disney and director Andrew Stanton are bringing The John Carter of Mars Book by Edgar Rice Burroughs to the big screen. Taylor Kitsch will play John Carter in the upcoming Disney epic directed by Andrew Stanton. The British Columbia native said he underwent a tough regime to get in shape for his sword fights and sporting a loincloth.

“It’s the most boring diet you could think of, really, it was four months before and seven months during, so an 11-month regimen with that. Good times,” he told The Associated Press. “Training at 4:30 in the morning before you go to work, and then training for the four months before as well. And then during the day, you’re training as well before takes.”

Interval Training

The Taylor Kitsch workout involves performing high intensity training in short bursts. This form of training is popularly known as interval training and is used by many athletes in many sports. Kitsch explains that the way to a 6-pack abs in 6 weeks or less revolves around this technique.

In the Taylor Kitsch workout, you would perform short bursts of high intensity training, such as sprinting or heavy weight lifting and follow that with low intensity exercise such as jogging or complete rest. This method of training is very effective in burning fat as it stimulates fast metabolism in the body.

There are three methods of interval training: the standard interval variation training, thepyramid interval variation training, and the sports conditioning training. Of these three methods, the sports conditioning training is the most used and the most popular due to its ability to bring great results in a short time

This is How Taylor Gets It Done

In the sports conditioning training, you would start with three to five minutes of warm-up, followed by 2 minutes of high intensity exercise, and then followed again by 2 minutes of low intensity exercise. This is soon followed by four times interval of 30 seconds high intensity and 30 seconds low intensity exercise.

This routine is followed by 10 seconds of 60-yard sprinting and 90 seconds of rest repeated six times.

The Taylor Kitsch workout routine ends with 3-5 minutes of cool down. Taylor Kitsch himself vouches for this type of training and says that this is the fastest way to attain rock-hard, shrink-wrapped abs.

In the movie Wolverine Origins, Taylor Kitsch had to perform martial arts that required that his body not only be lean and fit, but also be flexible. He had to twist and turn, throw cards, do gymnastics, and whip Gambit's long staff around.Taylor Kitsch's workout is similar to the wolverine workout his co-star Hugh Jackman underwent in order to buff his body up.

The "Friday Night Lights" are far beyond Taylor Kitsch now. These days, if he sees something bright on the horizon, chances are it is extraterrestrial. "That's how I pick my roles," the 30-year-old British Columbian-born actor explained. "'Wait, is there aliens in it? Oh well, why am I doing it, why would you call me if there are no aliens in it?' That's basically how it goes."

Two big movies

He's joking, but it's true. Kitsch has leading roles in two big movies this year -- "Battleship" and "John Carter" -- that will see him leave the small town Texas football scene of the critically acclaimed "FNL" TV series for the big screen world of sci-fi.

First up is Disney's interpretation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel, released in March. "John Carter" sees Kitsch play a former military captain who is transported to Mars, a planet being torn apart by war. It's directed by Andrew Stanton, of "Finding Nemo" and "WALL-E" fame, who is helming his first-live action movie. Carter gets caught up in the conflicts and jumps into battle with a sword, loin cloth and plenty of muscle. Kitsch said Stanton insisted on a grueling regimen to get him mentally and physically prepared.

Boring diet

It's the most boring diet you could think of, really, it was four months before and seven months during, so an 11-month regimen with that. Good times," he told The Associated Press in an interview. "Training at 4:30 in the morning before you go to work, and then training for the four months before as well. And then during the day, you're training as well before takes."

But he said it was portraying Carter's feelings that really drained him. "I'd say the emotion is probably the toughest thing especially, it's quite heavy some of the stuff he goes through," he said.

After that, it's Peter Berg's "Battleship," which also stars Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard and features Rihanna in her movie debut. Loosely based on the classic naval combat game from Hasbro, it sees five ships take on another five ships from a different planet.

The Canadian actor says he really enjoyed collaborating with his old "FNL" executive producer Berg on his "Battleship" role of naval officer Lt. Alex Hopper. There are still aliens but this time instead of a dusty planet there's a lot of ocean.

Kitsch says he found his sea legs pretty quickly, which was good because the crew spent several weeks shooting on the water and some scenes had him blown straight into the ocean. "So many variables come into play, obviously time consuming, you're always fighting the light apparently when you're shooting outside," he noted. Still, Kitsch was very happy with the result. "It's seamless the way they've done it," he said.