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Back Pain aerobics

Three Simple aerobics to Reduce or get rid of Back Pain

These sets of movements include hip rolls, waist twists and knee bends. These 3 aerobics alone will get your blood flowing again, gun down some much needed endorphins into the body and give your body a chance to detoxify and rid it of all the free radicals and harmful particles that can build up inside us all, leaving your back in pretty good shape and the pain at bay.

Knee Bends

The first work out, knee bends, are to be done in a relaxed and kind manner. If your body suffers from knee or back trouble then you’ll want to get the help of any steady furniture, such as a desk, table or chair.

Knee Bends

To begin, stand with your legs shoulder-wide and keep relaxed. If you are using furniture for support get your hands on that furniture. Get your stomach muscles tight and blow your breath out evenly as you goes downward, bending at the knees.

You will want to go as far down as you can before you feel yourself starting to strain or tip over. As you come back up into a standing position again, take in another breath. Your set will consist of ten knee bends, after which you can move right in to the next exercise.

Waist Twist

The waist twist should come next. How this works is you keep your hands at your side, nice and tranquil, with your feet once again at shoulder-wide distance.

Waist Twist

You start this exercise just by swinging your arms, first right then left. The object is to move your hand around to lightly tap your lower back, right hand patting the left and so on. Your kidneys will benefit from this light tapping.

Remember, though, not to get too out of control with your swinging or your hand patting. This is all supposed to be very relaxed and even. Your breathing should come in and out in a natural manner, and also be relaxed. Do this for a count of ten, then relax your body once more.

Hip Rolls

Finally its hip rolling exercises. For this, you won’t need furniture to support or equilibrium you, but you will start once more with your legs at shoulder width.

Hip Rolls

Once again, tighten your abdomen muscles, and place your hands on your hips. Then you will reverse direction for another five rotations.

While doing this imaginary hula dancing, remember to have a smile on your lips and to breathe in a natural rhythm.

You can see that these exercises are so easy to do, that it takes just a couple of minutes a set, so there are no excuses to performing these same three sets at least three times every day. Better yet, instead of going out for a smoke break, or a coffee break, why don’t you take an exercise break instead?


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How To Deal With Children’s Primary Complex

While the illness, Primary Complex, may not seem injurious upon analysis, it may develop into tuberculosis (TB) when your child’s immune system is down.

Primary Complex
What is Primary Complex?
Children uncovered to Mycobacterium tuberculosis may sometimes expand a tuberculosis (TB) infection called Primary Complex. The most common route of illness is through breathing. A person with active TB coughs up the germ and it is inhaled by a healthy child. The TB then travels to the lungs. The immune system kicks in and “quarantines” the germ at the local site and at the neighboring lymph nodes.The child remains healthy and usually has no symptoms. They may remain symptom free until their immune system declines and the disease becomes active.

How do you diagnose Primary Complex?
As most patients have no warning sign, they only find out they have Primary Complex through a tuberculin skin test (also called a Mantoux test or PPD test). A little amount of purified protein derived (a.k.a. PPD) of the TB germ is injected superficially into the forearm. An itchy, raised, red reaction past a certain size (these changes is considered positive. In 20% of cases, a PPD test will be negative in patients with TB infection. Other times, children will have a falsely positive PPD test because they had the BCG BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) vaccine.


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10 Steps for Building the Best Mobile Marketing App (Part 2)

Here are the last 5 steps for building a great mobile marketing app, following up from yesterday's post:

6. Usability

Mobile is not online. Keep in mind mobile’s innate characteristics like a smaller screen and longer loading times. The interaction between windows is more complicated than on a PC.

The touch and feel of navigating with a touchscreen is significantly different to using a mouse. Transactions have to be simple, yet secure, since security is a big issue for mobile users.

Since the launch of the iPhone 4S, navigation through voice- recognition should be taken into account.

7. Ubiquity

Mobile goes everywhere with you. Many people even sleep with their phone. It is the only device that is constantly with the user, indoors and outdoors.

Mobile can bridge the individual with everything around them. Take advantage of the “anytime, anywhere” potential. Encourage users to interact with the environment through the mobile phone, give them something to explore. The more senses are activated; the more intense is the brand experience.

Its ubiquity is what makes mobiles the most powerful marketing channel there is. Touchpoints can be created when they are most relevant. For example, Geo- location lets you approach a user as they walk by a store or reward them for entering or checking-in.

8. Uniquely Personal

The mobile phone is the most private device we use. It holds a wealth of private information including friends, social networks and even our location. Marketers are lucky to be let into this private sphere of any user. However, this leap of trust should be treated with great responsibility.

Do not just assume the user wants to be open with you. Ask permission to provide a service or communication. More than anything, location is a sensible information. If you choose to use location features, always take the opt-in route and make opting out easy. Users are willing to share information, but on their terms. Reward, but don’t blackmail them.

9. Mocial

Mobile is inherently social. Most of the times a mobile phone is picked up it is to interact with other people. The fusion of mobile and social media, short “mocial”, is therefore no surprise

Most users are logged into Facebook while using any other function on their phone. Use this in your favour and create fast logins through social networks. Enable and encourage sharing whenever it makes sense. And already think about sharing when setting up the scope for your app. Make sure to include sharable content and let your fans do the publicity for you.

10. Don’t hide the app

Apps don’t market themselves. If no one knows that you have an app, no one will download it. Start promoting the app on other channels. Deep integrate it into the overall Marketing Plan and give incentives for downloading the app.

new born baby care

Baby care
Having a baby is actually a dramatic practice as well as the starting of the new era in a mom’s life. Motherhood certainly offers its rewards however often first-time mothers need a little bit of guidance concerning the good care of their own newborn baby.

New born Baby Sleeping Schedule

Newborn babies relax/rest on average, sixteen (16) several hours in a day. The actual newborn sleeps in obstructs of time around 2(two) hours at a time. The actual newborn’s central nervous system is actually creating following delivery and you can be assured that through the age of 3 months approximately, she or he will start to rest for longer intervals at any given time and can through which grow older, be resting a good 6 hours straight through the night. Make sure to allow your baby to rest whenever she or he wants to rest.

Baby Physical exercise

Your newborn baby can usually advantage from a person doing some ‘baby exercises’ along with him or her in addition to gently rubbing the newborn’s muscle tissue. Exercising a newborn baby might help the introduction of muscle mass control as well as control and may assist in creating muscle mass power. Lay your baby on his back and simply proceed his limbs lightly. You can bend their thighs in the legs as well as lightly flex his hands at the arms. This gives an excellent connecting encounter for you in add-on to the benefits towards the baby’s muscle development.

New Born Baby Feeding Advice

It is very important that the newborn have the healthy diet throughout the first pair of several weeks associated with life as well as past. Newborns may either be breast given or fed an infant formula from a bottle. The option can be every brand new mom. A newborn baby should be fed each and every couple of hours throughout the day. Your baby will certainly let you know whenever he or she is hungry by being fussy or even sobbing.

Bathing a new born baby

Newborns shouldn’t be bathed every single day as it can dry their sensitive pores and skin. The sponge bath is usually the smartest choice within the beginning as it is much milder and it is less likely in order to upset your child. Make sure to clean the wrinkles within the child’s skin and the diaper area well. Keep the infant wrapped in the soft hand towel and clean one part of the baby’s body at a time so that the baby doesn’t get perfectly chilled.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Steps for Building the Best Mobile Marketing App

Here are the first 5 Steps for creating a great mobile marketing app:

1. What do you want to achieve

Mobile phones are used everywhere and all the time in your customers daily lives and can therefore support almost any aspects of a holistic marketing strategy. To develop truly successful mobile marketing campaigns you need to define what you need and combine this with insights of what your customers want.

Here are some examples of what you might want to achieve:

  • Mobile app as part of a branding strategy to help position the make

  • A tool to raise awareness of an upcoming release or the launch of a new brand

  • Create a new sales channel to reach customers and drive sales

  • Mobile app as an extension for an existing service

  • Drive footfall to a brick and mortar store

  • Engage customers at the POS and enhance the in-store shopping experience

An example of an insight associated with this could be that people that buy running shoes want to keep track of how far and for how long they run. You can guess where this may take you…

2. Get the whole picture

Mobile is a powerful channel, but it is not a standalone. To leverage from its full potential it has to be integrated into the general marketing strategy.

  • Interlink between channels. Let channels “play” with each other, the more interaction, the more engaged the customer

  • Cross-promote throughout all channels. Use NFC, QR Codes or links to connect mobile with OOH Media, Print or TV and vice versa. Create and benefit from synergies

3. Be relevant

Get to know your target group and create an app that is relevant for them. Follow the user’s journey and detect potential touchpoints. What needs do they have, where can an app fit in?

Most successful mobile marketing apps are usually those that either kill time or save time. Think about how you can make life easier for your customers or how to entertain them.

4. Be yourself

Don’t chase the latest buzz just to be cool. The most innovative app does not help achieve any goals if it is completely detached from your brand and what it stands for.

Have a look at your values, your positioning and your message and work out something around it. Create a logical connection between the app and its functionalities, rather than just “brand” the new Angry Birds.

Generally, be wise about branding. A little logo on the side would probably not even be noticed, a big one would be annoying.

5. Pick the right platforms

Not everyone has an iPhone or an Android. Not even everyone has a smartphone. Users of different mobile platforms skew distinctive. Sketch out the target group for your brand and match it with the user profiles for different platforms. Read about mobile user profiles here.

Keep in mind that the target group for your mobile app might just be a subset of your entire audience. If you have a disperse audience, a mobile site is mandatory.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Is Lobster Cholesterol Content Good or Bad for Health?

Does Lobster have Cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fatty, wax-like stuff originate in all animals. Even humans create a significant amount of cholesterol as a product of metabolism. These substances are used for the repair of damaged cells. Thus, all animal-based meat and products contain some amounts of cholesterol.


Lobster contains a relatively high amount of cholesterol.
High in nutrition. A single serving of cooked lobster, about Three(3) ounces, has no soaked fat, 1 gram of carbohydrate, Seventeen (17) grams of protein, less than One(1) gram of fat, and Eighty Five(85) calories. There’s no argument in saying that lobster is both healthy and nutritious. A serving of lobster packs a good punch of high-protein, lean meat.
Cholesterol content. Each serving of cooked lobster has about sixty (60) mg of cholesterol. In a day, healthy individuals should consume a maximum of Three Hundred( 300) mg, while those with high cholesterol levels should only have a maximum of 200 mg per day. A single serving of lobster in the diet completes at least 20 percent of the recommended daily count.

Is Lobster Cholesterol Good or Bad for Health
The cholesterol content present in servings of safe to eat lobster is suggested for healthy individuals. However, those who have high cholesterol levels, or have pre-existing cardiovascular diseases should consume the shellfish in moderation.
Shellfish has the lowest caloric content among all forms of meat. Lobster has less than half the caloric content of hamburger made of ground beef. It also has less than half of chicken’s cholesterol content, while prime ribs have three times more.
• Lobster becomes packed with bad cholesterol when accompanied by butter. Each tablespoon of butter contains around 35 mg of cholesterol. Instead of using butter or margarine, a squeeze of fresh lemon can improve any lobster dish.
• A single serving of cooked lobster has the lowest cholesterol count and saturated fat levels among all types of shellfish. Shrimp has a whopping 166 mg of cholesterol, while crab has around 80 mg.
• The monounsaturated fats found in lobsters help raise the levels of both low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) and high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol). However, lobsters contain no trans-fats.
• Lobsters should only be grilled or steamed. Frying lobsters can significantly increase the levels of trans-fats. It can also be consumed chilled, boiled, or broiled. Instead of using animal-based oils, an equally delectable alternative is extra virgin oil. Instead of using whole-fat milk for lobster bisques, individuals can prepare the shellfish using low-fat milk.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First aid for burns

burn injury
The skin has a significant role to play in the liquid and temperature regulation of the body. If enough skin area is injured, the ability to maintain that control can be lost. The skin also acts as a protective barrier against the bacteria and viruses that inhabit the world outside the body.
For major burns (second and third degree burns)

1. Remove the victim from the burning area, remembering not to put the rescuer in danger.

2. Remove any burning material from the patient.

3. Call 911 or activate the emergency response system in your area if needed.

4. Once the victim is in a safe place, keep them warm and still. Try to wrap the injured areas in a clean sheet if available. DO NOT use cold water on the victim; this may drop the body temperature and cause hypothermia.

Burns of the face, hands, and feet should always be considered a significant injury (although this may exclude sunburn.

For minor burns (first degree burns or second degree burns involving a small area of the body)

* Gently clean the wound with lukewarm water.

* Though butter has been used as a home remedy, it should NOT be used on any burn.

* Rings, bracelets, and other potentially constricting articles should be removed (edema, or swelling from inflammation may occur and the item may cut into the skin).

* The burn may be dressed with a topical antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin or Neosporin.

* If there is concern that the burn is deeper and may be second or third degree in nature, medical care should be accessed.

* Tetanus immunization should be updated if needed.

For electrical burns

Victims of electrical burns should always seek medical care.

For chemical burns

1. Identify the chemical that was involved.

2. Contact the Poison Control Center in your area or your local hospital's Emergency Department. The United States National Pnison Hotline is 1-800-222-1222. You will be automatically linked to the nearest poison control center. Many chemical burns may be treated with local wound care. Some chemicals can cause life- and limb-threatening injuries and need emergent intervention.

3. Victims with chemical burns to their eyes should always seek emergency care.


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Marisa Miller Photo

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09 Mastering moderation

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's wishing you all the very best for 2012! I have been away for the past month overseas, the first part spending it in Dubai at the World Diabetes Congress where I presented my latest research, which was a fantastic opportunity. I spent the rest of December and early January travelling between the UK, Italy and France and had a good opportunity to think a lot about the different lifestyles, different cultures, different nutrition, what works, what doesn't work and why. I observed the people, the food, the daily activities and formed a mental picture and made some very interesting observations which I plan to discuss below. Of course it is now 2012 and hopefully many of you are well on your way to the New You (as is the so-called campaign in the UK [New Year, New You]). I only got back home late on the 4th of January and although I may not have started the year with my strong and bulletproof resolutions in place, I think, if you have a plan in place, then we are still good to go. I am still ploughing through my mountains of chocolate from belated Christmas presents and gifts, but I am not stressed. Stress happens when there is no plan, when there is no direction, no aim. My question to all is how much planning and forethought do you give to your resolutions? As I once heard
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" 

Whilst I am not saying this:

What I am saying is, preparation for success is key. While that may sound rigid and boring, you have to plan for change, alterations and deviations from The Plan and acknowledge, or better yet, anticipate that you will probably in fact find a better way of doing something half way through. Make allowances. This is why you need to plan to plan to have reassessments at various points along your journey to a healthier happier you.
Before I go off on a tangent on this topic, my final words for emphasizing the importance of preparation are:
Success is when preparation meets opportunity.

To tie preparation into the topic of moderation, I felt it was important to start there because EVERY magazine, newspaper, blog and advice column is telling you the key to good dieting is moderation. So it's all good and well to write that resolution and prepare to
"Eat in moderation"
but what's the point of having that resolution if you don't know what it means? What is moderation? This is why I wanted to write this preparatory article to explain how I view moderation and how I have found it works for me.

I googled "what is eating in moderation" and the results were dismal. I don't feel like anyone explains it properly and it's this wishywashy phrase that gets thrown around but no one actually knows what it means. Some say, eating in moderation means sticking to the number of calories to maintain your weight. Some say, eating in moderation means eating healthily and knowing when you are full. I still don't feel like this is an ADEQUATE guideline. That's just more blah blah words thrown together to make some kind of sense but without any specific direction.
The best advice given for moderation seems to be when it comes to alcohol. The British Government alcohol guidelines state that moderate alcohol consumption for men is 3-4 units per day, whilst for women it is 2-3 units per day.


1 unit is in fact 1 small bottle of alcoholic beverage (4%), half a pint (250ml) of lower strength beer or lager (4%) or 1 shot/measure of spirits.
2 units = a standard glass (175ml) of wine (12%), a double shot of spirits, a pint (roughly 0.5L) of lower (4%) beer or lager

So why are there no real set standards when it comes to food moderation? The scale that works for me is:

"One...or Two...but not more than Three."

This is an easy concept to remember and can pretty much be applied to everything.
When it comes to coffee/tea and adding sugar, I'd call moderation "One teaspoon, or two, but definitely not more than three.."
Same when it comes to drinking cups of coffee a day "One or two, but 3 or more is getting excessive."
Treats per week - One or two but not more than 3. This makes it easier for dieters to have some leeway and freedom without getting bored of their porsibly restrictive diets and this also largely minimizes the chances of bingeing and giving up on the diet completely.
Alcoholic beverages - 1, 2 but not more than 3 drinking days/week, or drinks per day. Always a good idea to have some alcohol-free days of the week.
Red meat - One, two but not more than 3 times per week.
Bread - One, two but not more than 3 slices per day (if you're on a low carb diet) or sandwiches per day if you're not.
Fruit - One, two but not more than 3 per day. Say what!? Yes! Fruit contains a LOT of sugar and consuming more than 3 fruit a day, in combination with drinking tea with sugar and breads (which contain sugar), you will actually consume over the daily calorie limit of sugar/day.
Cigarettes - same.

This to me makes a lot more sense than trying to count calories or use vague terms like "Stop eating when you're full." It's worked for me for years and I haven't gained a single kg in 5 years and with my love for chocolate, that is seriously surprising! You really don't have to give up anything! Mastering moderation is the best chance you can give yourself of maintaining a successful dieting regime. Become too strict and you may lose a lot initially but you WILL get bored and you won't be able to sustain it - according to research more than 90% of dieters gain all the weight back, if not more. Being too loose with your diet and you may find yourself becoming unhealthy, more sickly, lethargic and generally heavier and unhappier with your image than before. VIVA MODERATION!

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